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our engine installation process

We take delight in undertaking a thorough inspection procedure to ensure that each engine delivered by Tonmax Engines meets our high-quality requirements. 

A compression test shows the state of the engine’s valve, its valve seats and piston rings. Compression should be over 100 psi per cylinder in healthy engines, with no more than 10% variance between the highest and lowest readings. 

Our expert specialists carry out a compression test on each cylinder as well as a visual inspection to ensure that the engine you get is fit for shipping.

engine pre-installation tips

  • Examine the engine for freight damage and dirt contamination.
  • Ensure that the engine is the same as the one being replaced.
  • Engine oil, fuel filter, antifreeze, and oil filter should be replaced.
  • Examine the valve train for proper timing.
  • Make sure that all of the oil gallery plugs are in place, tight, and sealed.
  • Double-check that all freeze plugs are in place and properly sealed.
  • Clean all accessories from the previous engine that will be moved to the newly acquired engine.
  • Check that the block and the heads have temperature tracking labels or heat tabs attached.
  • The intake manifold and machine gasket surfaces must be resurfaced.

some reasons for engine failure

  • Failure to add engine oil before starting the engine.
  • Bearing failure because of incorrect or inadequate pre-lubrication.
  • Failure to replace oil cooler or oil cooler in radiator .
  • Overheating.
  • Premature bearing failure as a result of poorly cleaned add-on parts or accessories.
  • Incorrect engine installation or improper flex-plate or incorrect harmonic balancer resulting to excessive vibration.
  • Leaking exhaust manifold gasket, intake manifold and intake vacuum.
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It may sound unbelievable to know that used engines may be more trustworthy than brand new ones.

Given that these engines have been well-tried and tested prove that they can work and run normally, which can’t be claimed for a new engine which has never been used.

Rebuilding to repair a faulty engine is usually less expensive than buying another complete engine. 

However, repairing or rebuilding is sometimes not a welcoming option. You may end up spending more to fix a faulty engine than buying another one due to high cost of buying new engine parts and labour cost.

Yes, we have certified technicians who carried out performance tests on our engine before leaving the shop.

You don’t need an exact match to find a compatible motor engine for your car. Car producers often use same engine for several car models or years.

Make your inquiries and ensure that requested engine will work in your vehicle. 

However, you can call our office to assist you spot the model that will work.

We give 30 days warranty period for our engines and 14 days warranty period for our gearboxes.

The warranty information is stamped on your purchase invoice. With this, if you found an issue with the engine, you can return it. No one would want to be stuck with a defective engine.


Tonmax Engines is one of South Africa’s foremost dealer and supplier of used engines and gearboxes. Family owned, the company has been in operation since 1999. We provide car parts to retailers, repair, collision and car sales centers as well as individual buyers.